TANA Summer 2013 Mural Project in Tranquillity, CA

Dear TANA participants and Community Members,

In summer of 2013, TANA participated in a mural project in the central valley. The mural was painted at the local high school in Tranquillity, CA. The mural was painted as part of the Niños Sanos, Famila Sana (Healthy Children, Healthy Family) program operated by the Center for Transnational Health in the Department of Chicana/o Studies at Davis.

Niños, Sanos, Familia Sana (Healthy Children, Healthy Family), is a multifaceted intervention in the communities of Firebaugh and San Joaquin, Tranquillity, Helm, Canutua, and Three Rocks. The project integrates nutrition, physical activity, economic, and community based art interventions focused on empowering families, schools and communities to respond to this growing health problem and create healthier communities. TANA works alongside this project to help bring art projects to these communities. Through the poster and mural, TANA has supported the interventions and given a voice to issues at hand in these communities. It is our hope that through the art projects provided, a positive social change can occur in these communities.

Below are some photos of the mural process, from start to finish, along with pictures from the mural unveiling.

Thank you to the community of Tranquillity, for welcoming and participating in the making of this mural, and to surrounding community members who continue supporting TANA’s efforts, making projects like this one possible.

Thank you for your support,



Published by TANA

TANA: Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer is a community based art center managed by the Chicana/o Studies Department at the University of California, Davis. TANA is located at 1224 Lemen Avenue in Woodland, California.

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