After two years of creating one of the most powerful social movements of recent times in Mexico, representatives of the Ayotzinapa community are touring the United States. Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval and Mario Cesar Gonzalez Contreras, two key members of the Ayotzinapa movement stopped in town at TANA as part of their national tour.


Their visit marks the second anniversary of the 43 students disappearance by giving talks about issues that are causing social and political unrest and instability in Mexico during the current President Pena Nieto’s administration such as the education and energy reforms, drug and human trafficking and how they are linked to US foreign policy and Mexican migration as well as to give personal testimony and update on the disappearance of the 43 normal students. Segments of the documentary Mirar Morir was shown.


The Ayotzinapa movement was born out of the struggle for justice by the parents of the 43 teaching students forcefully disappeared after an attack in Iguala, Guerrero by members of the Mexican authorities on September 26, 27 of 2014.


A special thank you to Señor Sandoval, Señor Contreras, Cirenio Rodriguez, and Reyna Granda!


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