TANA 2011 Graduation Exhibition & Spring Open House

On Friday, June 3rd 2011, from 4-7pm TANA hosted 150 attendees for the Spring Open House and the opening reception for the 2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition. The Spring Open House was an opportunity for family and community members to joint the students who participated in TANA’s spring community silkscreen printing workshop. The Open House coincided with the opening reception for the 2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition featuring the silkscreen prints and posters of Gilda Posada, Roque Montez, and Selin Coleri.

Installation photos of the TANA Graduation Exhibition and copies of the exhibition cards for Gilda, Roque, and Selin are located on the gallery page of this blog. The 2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition will be on view through August.

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TANA Spring Open House and Graduation Exhibition: View from Above
TANA Graduation Exhibition artists Gilda Posada, Roque Montez, and Selin Coleri are serenaded by Los Amanecidos
2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition: Screenprints by Roque Montez
2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition: Screenprints by Gilda Posada
2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition: Screenprints by Selin Coleri
View of TANA Spring Workshop Student Screenprints on view for the June 3rd Open House
Visitors view the screenprints of Roque Montez
TANA Supporters in attendance: Edgar Lampkin, Cirenio Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez, Andres Rodriguez, and Goria Rodriguez
Malaquias Montoya and Ray Patlan at the TANA Spring Open House

Chicana/o Studies Mural Workshop: Unveiling at the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start

Please join us for a special celebration at 3:30 pm on Friday, June 3rd.                      Address: 39839 Rd. 17A Woodland, CA 95766

The Spring 2011 Chicana/o Studies Mural Workshop (CHI-171) is proud to announce the unveiling of its new mural at the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start on Friday, June 3rd at 3:30 pm. After interviews with teachers, parents, and staff, students engaged in long hours of discussion to arrive at imagery that best reflected the important work that takes place at the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start. Located at an old school house just outside of Woodland, “la esquelita,” as it is called, provides much needed services to the children of migrant agricultural workers. Impressed by the dedication and commitment of everyone involved at the center – from teachers, staff, bus drivers, cooks, to parent volunteers – the Mural Workshop decided on the overall theme of “Commitment: Fulfillment through Persistence.”

Spring 2011 Chicana/o Studies Mural Workshop: Last day of work led by Maceo Montoya
Chicana/o Studies Mural Workshop, Spring 2011: Migrant Head Start Mural (In Progress)
Chicana/o Studies Mural Workshop, Spring 2011: Migrant Head Start Mural in Progress



TANA now has a blog

TANA: 1224 Lemen Ave. Woodland, CA 95776

Dear Colleagues and Interested Community Members,

TANA is a community art center managed by the Chicana/o Studies Department at the University of California, Davis. TANA is located in Woodland at 1224 Lemen Ave., Woodland, CA 95776.

TANA now has a blog with the intention of posting information about events, exhibitions, and workshops.

TANA officially opened in December of 2009 and since then has been offering quarterly community silkscreen workshops, an ongoing schedule of art exhibitions, literary readings, and public education programs.

In the future we will be regularly posting information about future events, workshops, exhibitions, and our hours of operation. For now, we will upload photos and information about some of the past exhibitions, workshops, and artworks created over the past year and a half of TANA’s operation. We hope you enjoy the selection of posts about the previous year and a half and that you check back regularly for future updates.

Thank you for interest and support,

TANA Staff

Roque Montez develops a monoprint for TANA 2011 Graduation Exhibition

Roque Montez: mono-screenprint

TANA Intern, Roque Montez, has recently been developing a series of mono-screenprints to be included as part of his addition in the 2011 TANA Graduation Exhibition. Roque Montez is an artist, graphic designer, and cultural worker who has been integral to TANA’s offerings of community silkscreen workshops. He will be graduating from UC Davis this June. Below are a series of images documenting the process of creating one of his recent mono-screenprints.

Roque Montez: painting with silkscreen ink directly on the screen
Roque Montez: registering paper to the screen before printing
Roque Montez: printing
Roque Montez: screen after printing
Roque Montez: final print
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